Montco 5th Fire District

Brief 5th Fire District History

The Montgomery County 5th Fire District Association  was founded in Hatfield , Pennsylvania in 1963 for the purpose of uniform training, better communication between departments, to promote new methods,  comradery ,fire prevention, and establish a liaison to County public safety officials, the County and State Fire Associations .

The Montgomery County 5th Fire District is credited with forming what is now known as the Montgomery County Fire Academy. The training operations began in Hatfield, eventually moved to the grounds of the old Norristown State Hospital and was eventually taken over by the County which later built the brand new training center we now know in the Conshohocken area.

Harry Sell was the first President and continues to be active in 2008 as a participating member.

The district’s original training classes were held at the Laudenslager School in Hatfield, Hanson Mills in Hatfield, Hunter Spring Company in Hatfield, Stierts Broom factory in Hatfield, the Flosdorf building in Hatfield and the Hatfield Fire Co Fire Station.

Active founding members and officers included: Roy Ageney, Francis Devlin, Dick Weber, Ted Gaerthe, Earl Mayers, Elmer Hagan, Roy Rittenhouse, Edwin Glover, Robert Cassel, Pete Wickete, Clair Clemens, Tony Ricardi, Henry Suida, Dr. Ray Alexander, Bud Ashton, Dan Tarbutton, Carl Sust, James Gargan, Sam Karr, Phil Boltz, Earl Clemens, Ed Tyson, Paul Jones, Tony Malvoso, Harry Sell, and Walt Hutt.


To uphold our proud history, to promote the volunteer and cooperative spirit, Continuing  to maintain a liaison with local, County, State, and Federal agencies and all local, regional, and  State Fire Associations. To promote fire prevention, and safety education. To promote our brotherhood of all our volunteer and career firefighters, emergency medical service personnel, fire police, and dive and rescue experts, and hazmat teams. Finally , to protect our citizens, and our communities to fullest extent utilizing the best training and technology available.